Scientist Get Another Green Light to Play God by Genetically Modifying Genes

By Paris Finnie

Fast forward  three decades and all those Sci-Fi plots from the 80s and 90s are becoming a reality. The United Kingdom has given their scientist the ability to genetically modify genes. There are still restrictions, for no scientist is able to implant a genetically modified embryo into a Female carrier, however the controversy still arises. Should a group in a lab be able to manipulate the very foundation of Life?

Europe was second to cross the controversial waters behind China. The population giant was able to snip a gene in our DNA strand which causes a blood disorder. Since their discovery chinese scientist continue to experiment in efforts to combat genetical malice. In new sciences it often seems that laws and regulations  trail behind new discoveries. Within the new venture of gene manipulation it is very unclear as to how far science is able to impede on our DNA. Prof Robin Lovell-Badge Fertility Regulator in the UK adds, “China has guidelines, but it is often unclear exactly what they are until you’ve done it and stepped over an unclear boundary.” Europe claims they have implemented strict regulations, the first of their kind in fact, and their meticulous approval system will provide contingency for future experimentation.

How It Works

Scientist are to receive donated embryos and in a window of seven days after the cell is fertilized entering the Blastocyst stage. The researchers will study how particular cells contribute to the development of the embryo, the yolk sac, and the placenta. Further research will allow for manipulation of these cells but current science solely allows for strict observation. After the window of observation is passed the embryos are destroyed.

Source: BBC

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