France To Set The Trend For Processing Unsold Food In Markets?

By Paris Finnie 

As of recent a new law has passed, banning all supermarkets in the country from trashing unsold food. Instead they will be required to donate the food to charities and food banks.

The law unanimously passed by French senate on Wednesday 02/03/16 will allow food shelters to donate millions more food to those in need from the support of the the French supermarkets. A resolution sought after  by the championing  grassroots shoppers and anti-poverty campaigners. The movement started as a campaign, but grew to a petition lead by the councillor Arash Derambarsh. From the councillors hands the movement grew into a bill brought into the national senate by former food industry minister Guillaume Garot. The pressure is on France and their campaigners to persuade the rest of the EU to adopt the practice. If they manage to influence the other countries, perhaps France can be the ripple effect to push this legislative measure across the world. Before they do however, there must be some kinks worked out in the shifts to the new practice.

Supermarkets in the past have been found guilty of deliberately spoiling food in efforts to detour people from rummaging through the store’s waste bins. Some of those markets were guilty of dousing their waste bins in bleach allegedly to prevent food poisoning, while others put their waste bins in locked warehouses only to be opened by refuse trucks. With the passage of the law to no surprise many supermarket managers have divided opinions. Especially with the potential of fines reaching $75,000 or two year imprisonment if they do not sign donation contracts with charities. Although many are frustrated on the other side of the coin there are many with high hopes for French future.

The signed contracts will allow for higher quality food access to all french citizens. Increased donations from the supermarkets will allow up 10 million more meals to reach the citizens in need. Food banks will be forced to renovate their storage spaces to guarantee safe donations. France intends for the new laws to push the citizens forward adding another level to their resilience  as a nation.

Source: The Guardian


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