Witness Reports Suggest Shooter Did Not Act Alone In Orlando Nightclub

By Paris Finnie

Daily are there revelations of information about the Orlando shooting which occurred 6/12/16. Top media hubs have shown witnesses speaking of their experience, but not until recently did one of the top media hubs CNN reveal a testimony that bolsters the arguments of conspirators.

One witness Leydiana Puyanera revealed she saw another shooter. ” He was right next to the guy… There was other people… that were holding the door from the outside.” she says to the interviewer.  She then adds ” I saw a white man, white male, his face did not look like he was scared. Definitely was more than one shooter.” Police have been vehemently claiming there was only one shooter, but other survivors of the incident have also been speaking out in agreement.

Video to Interview here: Survivor Testimony

Social Media influencers comment on how the math does not add up. Given there are 100 magazine rounds, but studies show the nozzle starts to glow and jam from high frequency of shots.

It is unlikely that there were multiple shooters, but its not unfair to keep an open mind regardless of how macabre the idea.

Remember, do not just believe what we say. Research what we say.




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