Robots With Civilian Rights?

by Paris Finnie 

The revolution for Cyborgs, Automated Machines, and Service Bots has begun. Europe has been contemplating changing the rights for computerized entities with digital powered brains and hearts.

As the automated workforce gains momentum, “their growing intelligence, pervasiveness and autonomy requires rethinking everything from taxation to legal liability.” Reported  Reuters journalist Alexander Smith and Alissa de Carbonnel.

Tesla has already pioneered the concern for new motorist regulations, in the wake of the automatic pilot feature in the Tesla model software update.  Questions such as, ” who is liable for a collision in the unmanned driving feature was activated” are serious concerns with incidents like this one:

Driver displays his blind trust in Tesla’s Autopilot Feature.

The implementation of a robotic force frightens many and encourages others. There is a legitimate fear that many jobs could be granted to robots, while on the opposite side of the coin, industry leaders could save tremendous expenses using an automated workforce.

Many franchises and conglomerates have already begun shifting their efforts towards non-human work staff.  For example, Former McDonalds CEO stated: $35K Robots Cheaper Than Hiring at $15 Per Hour, and in Japan, The Henn na Hotel is comprised of a complete robotic staff. In fact the front desk receptionist is a a talking Velociraptor!

Japan’s Henn-na Hotel showcases its hold on the future.

The predictions for when robot rights could reach those of human beings is foreseen at one to two decades from 2016, when technology allows for computerized beings to hold artificial intelligence toppling our own. Could it be time once again to rethink your career choice?

Remember, do not just believe what we say. Research what we say!



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