Women’s March Seen Around The World 

By: Mary Emily O’Hara Of NBC

The protest is called ‘A Day Without a Woman,’ but on Wednesday, feminists made their presence known with strikes, rallies, and marches around the globe.
In more than 50 countries and over 400 cities worldwide, people celebrated International Women’s Day by encouraging women to go on strike — exercising their labor and consumer power by momentarily dropping out as workers and shoppers.

In the U.S., large rallies took place in major cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. in addition to hundreds of smaller gatherings across the country.

At a gathering near New York’s Central Park, the leaders of the January 21st Women’s March helmed a stage full of speakers before marching to nearby Trump Tower. Outside of Trump Tower, 13 of the Women’s March organizers were arrested. Their charges were pending.

Before she was arrested and led into a NYPD van, organizer Linda Sarsour spoke to the crowd about critics who accused striking women of being “privileged” and said such comments came from “a lack of understanding of history.”
“We honor the women who striked in the Montgomery bus boycott,” said Sarsour. “Are those privileged women? What about the farmworkers that said ‘we will not pick this produce without worker’s protections?’ Were those people privileged?”

Sarsour told the crowd, “The movements that we are all a part of have always been led by those who have the most to lose. Social justice movements are not convenient.”

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