Oaxaca Denounces Telephone Espionage 

By: Victoria Bustos

The guild filed its complain to the PGR and FEADLE RO investigate the espionage by the municipal government.

Through a public pronouncement signed by 50 journalists and reporters from the Papaloapan Cuenca – a region located north of Oaxaca, Mexico on the dangerous border with Veracruz, they demanded the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) and the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Attention Of crimes against Freedom of Expression (FEADLE), to investigate suspected espionage carried out by city hall staff against media partners and to stop a systematic series of harassment against communicators through electronic networks that violate freedom of the press.

In the same document they require the intervention of the competent authorities so that an investigation is opened and the responsibilities are delimited.

We ask that the physical and labor integrity of all the media and their members be protected against an obvious policy of intolerance to free speech, and a clear intention to silence critical voices as a place, the document states. Quote “We express to society: We reject in a forceful way that from the municipal power that throughout this time has been said close to the people, try to use the public resources, to intimidate the media and its workers, through espionage, dirty war and pressures of different nature and Trying to align them with their political and economic interests, affecting at all times the social development, the democratic life, and the plurality that must exist.”

The statement was also addressed to the Governor of the State of Oaxaca Alejandro Murat and the Ombudsman’s Office for Human Rights of the People of Oaxaca (DDHPO), where various media publicly condemned the events that occurred against the media and journalists of this city, and The possible conditioning of advertising agreements through telephone calls of officials accused of such acts who are trying to force the news media not to disseminate such information.


In the statement signed in solidarity by the different reporters of almost all the media in Tuxtepec relate the events against Oswaldo Martínez Oropeza and Claudia Ramos Diaz, who have repeatedly suffered publications and offenses in their personal life through fake profiles of Facebook , With the clear idea of making them look bad with society.


The facts outlined in the statement are part of a hostile relationship with the press caused by the advisor of the municipal presidency, Pablo Estrada Tenorio and endorsed by the municipal president Fernando Bautista Dávila notes that letter, where they also point out that government regidores Municipal have entrusted to various media outlets that have well-founded suspicions that have been being recorded in their phone calls. “The previous events lead us to think that from the offices of the municipal presidency, endorsed by the Municipal President, is carrying out a dirty war and espionage to journalists and political or social actors, in order to intimidate them from power,” says Point 7 of the press release.


To that end, the PGR delivered research agreements at the Tuxtepec Attention and Determination Desk: NA / OAX / TUX / 0000507/2017, where the corresponding investigation is opened on these issues, likewise the Tuxtepecan media document ends with “A From this moment we are responsible for any aggression suffered by the undersigned or our families and media to the Mayor of this city Fernando Bautista Dávila and his team. “

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