Chemical Attack In Syria Kills over 100

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A hundred people have been killed and 400 injured in an apparent chemical attack in the rebel-held town of Idlib in Syria.

The fumes caused many people to choke and pictures and video emerged showing people limping, struggling to breathe and even foaming at the mouth.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revised the death toll which they said was caused by a warplane releasing “toxic gas” in a residential area in the early hours of Tuesday.
They confirmed 11 children were among the dead and at least 160 were injured.
A short time later, a hospital in the town where doctors were treating the victims was bombed.
The entrance to the building was hit, bringing down rubble on top of medics who were earlier seen helping wash away chemical residue on patients.
Theresa May said she was “appalled” by the apparent chemical attack and called for an urgent investigation.

The Prime Minister, currently on a trade and security visit to the Middle East, said: “We condemn the use of chemical weapons in all circumstances. If proven [to be a chemical attack] it is further evidence of the barbarism of the Syrian regime.
“The UK has led international efforts to call to account the Syrian regime and Daesh and the use of chemical weapons.
“I am very clear there can be no future for Assad in a stable Syria, and I call on all parties involved to ensure we have a transition away from Assad.
“We cannot allow this suffering to continue”.
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