Congressional Black Caucus 2017

Sept 20/2017 – 7 a.m. EST

Today on September 20th people from all over the country will be meeting in Washington D.C. to attend the Congressional Black Caucus. The event started with a press conference lead by Rep. Cedric L. Richmond speaking to the tumultuous current events affecting our country.

The entire week will be filled with spectacular events addressing all the walks of life in which people of color are effect. Universal Citizens Media Network in Tandem With The Revelation Network will bring you events as they unfold. We also will be updating this post as the week progresses so stay tuned !!

Pic 1 CBC

Sept 20/2017 – 3 p.m. EST An event titled : Improving Correctional and Reentry Outcomes Through Career, Technical, and Adult Education presented with Augustus Hawkins Foundation  was provided for those curious about the subject. For those who are unfamiliar with the topic of discussion, The CBC app writes

Incarcerated individuals face numerous barriers during and after incarceration. People in prison have  lower literacy and numeracy levels than people outside of prison. Crowded and under–resource prisons lead to  idleness and lapses in education, training, and skill development. Transportation, housing, employment, and education are vital components to a person’s success after their time in prison. Upon an individual’s return to the community, many of these needs go unmet or unfulfilled, resulting in the return to prison. This session examines how career and technical education (CTE) supports return citizens. Presenters will discuss efforts to reauthorize both the Carl D. Perkins Career and the Second Chance Act, the National Science Foundation’s INCLUDES initiative and theU.S. Department of Education’s OCTAE Reentry Education Project and the Juvenile Justice Reentry Education Program as well as local initiatives to help to improve educational opportunities in correctional facilities and upon reentry for incarcerated individuals

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The Panel included an astute group of presenters. Which included:

Lisa R. Ransom from the Augustus F. Hawkins Foundation

Image result for Lisa R. Ransom

Senator Tim Kaine, U.S. Senator (D-VA)

Image result for Senator Tim Kaine

Kim R. Ford, Acting Assisting Secretary/DAS,
U.S. Department of Education

Image result for Kim R. Ford

Melanie M. Shaw Geter, Judge, Maryland
Court of Special Appeals

Image result for Melanie M. Shaw Geter

Kamau Bobb, Constellations Center of Equity
in Computing, GA Tech

Image result for Kamau Bobb

Lul Tesfai of CNA Institute for Public Research

Image result for Lul Tesfai

Yariela Kerr- Donovan, SPHR, SHRM-SCP,SWP

Image result for Yariela Kerr

David Clements of House of David, Advocates for Fathers, Inc.

David Clements

Pic 2 CBCThere was also as guest appearance of Rep. John Lewis who added some soft words to lighten the mood.

Friday Sept 22/2017 3.p.m

Universal Citizens Media Network covered the session titled Policing Black Man and Boys: Are the Odds Against Them. The panel consisted of:

Angela J. Davis of American University of Washington College.

Image result for Angela J. Davis of American University of Washington College.

Raymond Hart PH.D. who is The Director of Research, Council of Great City Schools.

Image result for Raymond Hart PH.D

Cedric Alexander, Ph.D. The Deputy Mayor of Rochester New York.

Image result for Cedric Alexander, Ph.D. The Deputy Mayor of Rochester New York.

Paul Butler J.D. a professor of law and author.

Image result for Paul Butler J.D. a professor of law and author.

Angela Rye J.D. who is the CNN Political Commentator

Image result for Angela Rye J.D. who is the CNN Political Commentator

The CBC describes the session:

“Policing Black Men: Are the Odds Against Them?” This town hall will feature a group of experts and leaders in the fields of civil rights, justice reform and community race relations who will engage any thought–provoking analysis of the current state of relations between black males and law enforcement in the various cultural, legal, historical and psychological biases that often impede trust and understanding between African–American communities and the police.

The panel addressed Police Brutality, Racial Profiling, Methods of staying safe if detained, and potential solutions to the issues the community of color is facing. The curiosity of the topics of discussion from the attendees of the conference were obvious by the repeated delivery of extra chairs to the room holding the discussion. The professional opinions of the panel offered a myriad of perspectives to help alleviate any previously held ignorances surrounding policing. The perspectives and insight varied  from those of The Police, Judges and Prosecutors.

Screen shot finalAngela Rye speaking to the attendees of the seminar

 There were a few excerpts that a stood out. For example, the statistical evidence proving a disproportionate castigation of people of color in the judicial system.   Although D.C. has a higher population of people of color in their city, the evidence supporting the disproportion is nationwide. Another  example that surprised many of the listeners was how People of Color are 4x as likely to be incarcerated for the same crime committed by  as their non-colored peers. After each speaker gave their professional opinions on how the Community of Color can work better together, the floor was opened to questions.  It was not until the final question was asked, where the sensitivity of the issue was distinct. The question was concerning the responsibility of the black community, how perhaps it is also the responsibility to behave better and potentially the fault of our community for provoking some of the interactions resulting in the shootings and brutality. Stunned at first glance Angela responded in a way that would only make sense if seen. We uploaded it to our Facebook page !

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