Nanotechnology Starts In The Medicine Field 

By: Phillip Perry 

We marvel at movies like Ant Man, Inner Space, and Fantastic Voyage, where someone or something can shrink down to the nanoscale and navigate a microscopic world. Although shrinking something down with some type of laser or energy field is all but impossible today, we are beginning to exact more and more control over tinier and tinier environments.

The new and growing branch of nanotechnology promises much. In the near future, experts predict that nanosensors will be used inside our bodies to monitor our health and alert us to disease or even an oncoming health crisis. Nanosensors could also monitor the environment. Another exciting application is creating the next generation of materials with novel properties.
These can include gaining electrical properties in fabric-based items. Consider clothing that can conduct electricity; your outfit could have electronics built into it, or even a wireless charger for your phone. Nanotech can also help create the next generation of bullet-proof and explosive-resistant materials. We will be able to imbue materials with other properties as well such as water-resistance, anti-corrosive properties, anti-fogging, anti-abrasion, and more.
Imagine self-healing materials. Tear your jacket? No problem. It just grows back. In the realm of energy, nanotech could be used to improve solar cells and develop ultra-capacitors for energy storage, which could help us embrace green energy and jettison fossil fuels. In total, scientists believe nanotech can help us to develop multi-component systems that are smart, autonomous, and adapt to the environment or changing circumstances.


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