Disney’s Despute With L.A Times Costs Company Awards In The Film Industry 

By: Thom Geier of The Wrap 

The National Society of Film Critics joined the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, the New York Film Critics Circle and the Boston Society of Film Critics in denouncing the Walt Disney Company’s media blackout of the Los Angeles Times announced last week in retaliation for critical stories by the paper.

In addition, all four groups voted to disqualify Disney’s films from year-end awards consideration until the blackout is publicly lifted.

On Nov. 3, the L.A. Times announced that its writers and editors had been blocked from attending advance screenings of Disney films in response to The Times’ news coverage of Disney’s business dealings with the city of Anaheim.

According to a joint statement by the four critics groups, “Disney’s actions, which include an indefinite ban on any interaction with The Times, are antithetical to the principles of a free press and set a dangerous precedent in a time of already heightened hostility toward journalists.”

The statement concluded, “Disney’s response should gravely concern all who believe in the importance of a free press, artists included.”

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