Lady Alicia - Beatrice Premier Foods / Cuppedia

Beatrice Premier Foods / Cuppedia Corp Announces Lady Hamilton’s Appointment for Global Trade of Organic Food Contracts in Africa


July 7th, 2018 – 7am PST – Los Angeles, California USA – 90002

Lady Alicia Hamilton signs a 20-year contract with Beatrice Premier Foods/Cuppedia Corporation, USA., to offer long-term contracts for both growing and manufacturing of Tested Pure Food, to women around the World for global trade.

With a Special Emphasis Project in Africa, Lady Hamilton will be accepting proposals from African Women’s Farming Groups, African Manufacturing concerns, and with purveyors of all African Goods.

Working with Cuppedia Corporation and African Youth to assist in opening up franchising opportunities w/financing, Lady Hamilton brings new hope for Africa!

“We are honored to work closely with the AU PADWA Western Regions Chair as Lady Alicia Hamilton is also the CEO of Universal Citizens Media Network!”

-Anna Carter, Owner – Cuppedia Corporation, USA.

Contact Email –


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