Mueller Hearing’s Truth Results In Opposing Views And Outcomes

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By Lady Hamilton

President Trumps unprecedented behavior has raised concerns about America’s future, democracy, and electoral process integrity.  Americans seeking the truth about what happened before, during, and after the 2016 Presidential election were provided the opportunity to find out what was submitted to Congress in Robert  Mueller Congressional hearing televised to millions.  Although truth is not an opinion, and the interpretation of the facts, based on truth, should not result in many opposing views; that was not the outcome of the hearing.  People receiving the same information had very different interpretations and outcomes.

Democrats who have been vocal about Impeaching President Trump hoped Mueller’s testimony would provide direct, unmistakable, confirming, justification, evidence and support for their movement.  The citing of numerous obstruction of justice claims seemed obvious during California Representative, The Hon. Karen Bass’ questioning of Mueller during the Congressional hearing:

Ohio Representative Hon. Michael Turner came to President Trumps defense with his observations that practically negated the investigation stating that neither Mueller or Attorney General Barr have the authority to exonerate the President in the first place.  It sounds like a valid argument until one factors in that Mueller’s report was an investigation that would provide the facts to be submitted before Congress who do have the authority to exonerate or Impeach the President.

Yet, after the hearing President Trump told the media that the investigation was a hoax, Mueller did a horrible presentation, and has stated there were no valid claims of obstruction or collusion with Russia in the 2016 election process.

It is critically important that everyone is informed about the issues that impact America’s future so they can vote for leaders who represent what is aligned with their beliefs.  It is no longer enough to just rely on what is on the news, or what parents, family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, and colleagues say.  It is everyone’s responsibility to pay attention to what is being said and done to know that they know for their-self.  Every vote matters and it is important more than ever for 2020.  Vote for truth and keep our elected officials accountable.

Truth is established when actions and words match.

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