Uprise in Support For Trump in Midst School Shooting Frequency

By: Jennifer Ruben of Washington Post

On Sunday morning, former congressman Beto O’Rourke spoke for millions of Americans.

O’Rourke is a native of El Paso, Tex., one of two sites of mass murder in the past 24 hours. The alleged killer had regurgitated white nationalist bile and hatred of immigrants. If a Muslim preacher’s words were repeated nearly verbatim by Islamic mass murderers, we’d consider him a threat to national security. And yet, when venom drawn from President Trump’s vicious attacks on immigrants, his channeling of “replacement” conspiracy theories, his dehumanization of immigrants and his demonization of the media show up in the ramblings of serial mail bomber Cesar Sayoc, the Tree of Life synagogue and Christchurch mosque mass murderers and now the slaughterer of innocents in El Paso, we don’t collectively hold him morally accountable, insist his recant his views and demand an end to his presidency.

South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg observed that white nationalist terrorists “feel validated” by Trump.

For decades now, Republicans have insisted mass murders with semiautomatic weapons are not reflective of a gun problem. I can no longer comprehend how such a ludicrous assertion is remotely acceptable. But in one sense they are right: It’s not merely Republicans’ indulgence of the National Rifle Association that puts Americans’ lives in jeopardy; it is the support and enabling of a president that inspires white nationalist terrorists — and even denies white nationalism is a problem.

The Dayton, Ohio, mass killing is the 32nd“mass killing by firearms” this year. And while Trump continues to demonize Muslims and foreigners, the facts indicate white nationalists are responsible for more deaths than Islamic fundamentalist-inspired killings under this president. The Anti-Defamation League reported:

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