More Hong Kong violent protests broke out after the city’s leader used emergency powers to ban people from wearing masks in public.

Courtesy of :  U.S. News By Alexa Lardieri, Staff Writer

HONG KONG EXPERIENCED another weekend of violent protests as pro-democracy demonstrators marched through the city and attacked and vandalized subway stations, forcing Hong Kong’s subway to close for an unprecedented four days.

Thousands of people marched over the weekend in protest of a new law that bans wearing masks in public. Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam passed the law using colonial-era emergency powers, CNN reported, which prompted backlash over concerns of the infringement of civil liberties.

A majority of protesters wear masks during demonstrations to protect their identity.

Lam said the law was “necessary,” according to CNN, and a High Court judge rejected attempts to repeal the law. A judicial review of the use of emergency measures is scheduled for Oct. 20.

On Sunday protesters vandalized Chinese-linked banks and stores and a taxi cab driver plowed into a crowd of demonstrators. The driver was dragged from his vehicle and beaten by a mob. Protesters also targeted the barracks of China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army.

People also vandalized multiple train stations, setting fires to entrances and smashing ticketing facilities.

Law enforcement used tear gas and pepper spray to break up gatherings and several people were arrested. Some people were seen throwing bricks and launching molotov cocktails, sparking fires in the streets.

Protests in the city, now entering their 18th week, were first caused by a now-dead extradition law, which would have allowed criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland China.


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