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AI able to Detect Cell Phone Use While Driving

By: Shelby Brown of CNET

Australia is cracking down on drivers who use cellphones while behind the wheel. The government of New South Wales is implementing a new AI-based camera system designed to spot mobile phones in cars. The program plans to perform 135 million checks in NSW by 2023. According to a video from the NSW Transport Department, the cameras can work during the day or at night, in any weather or speed zone. 

To let drivers adjust, warning letters will be sent to those spotted using phones by the cameras for the first three months. Australia uses a points system for drivers — unrestricted driver’s licenses have 13 points. After the first three months, drivers caught using their phones illegally will lose five points and be issued a $344 fine. During other periods, the penalty could increase to 10 points. If a driver loses all of their points, they could lose their license.

When the program was tested last year, the cameras spotted over 100,000 drivers illegally using phones behind the wheel. In a release last month, Bernard Carlon, executive director of transport for NSW’s Center for Road Safety, said that the cameras could prevent 100 fatal or serious injury crashes over five years. 

“There is strong community support for more enforcement, with 80% of people surveyed supporting the use of detection cameras to stop illegal mobile phone use,” Carlon said in the release.  

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Canada’s Child Benefit Lifts Countless Youth Out Of Poverty

By : Canadian Press

The national statistics office says fewer children are living in poverty and it is connecting the drop to the Liberal government’s signature child benefit.

The Liberals introduced the income-tested Canada Child Benefit midway through 2016, replacing a previous system of tax credits and the Conservatives’ universal child care benefit.

New Statistics Canada figures show 278,000 fewer children living below the poverty line in 2017 — the first full year of the benefit — compared to 2015 when the Liberals took office.

Statistics Canada says an increase in the value of child benefits, coupled with gains in market income, put more money into the pockets of families in 2017.

Liberal MPs are pointing to the numbers today as a sign that the benefit has done its job as a key tool to reduce child poverty rates.

The statistics office says overall, 9.5 per cent of the population lived below the poverty line in 2017, down from 10.6 per cent in 2016.

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Mueller Hearing’s Truth Results In Opposing Views And Outcomes

Featured image compliments of

By Lady Hamilton

President Trumps unprecedented behavior has raised concerns about America’s future, democracy, and electoral process integrity.  Americans seeking the truth about what happened before, during, and after the 2016 Presidential election were provided the opportunity to find out what was submitted to Congress in Robert  Mueller Congressional hearing televised to millions.  Although truth is not an opinion, and the interpretation of the facts, based on truth, should not result in many opposing views; that was not the outcome of the hearing.  People receiving the same information had very different interpretations and outcomes.

Democrats who have been vocal about Impeaching President Trump hoped Mueller’s testimony would provide direct, unmistakable, confirming, justification, evidence and support for their movement.  The citing of numerous obstruction of justice claims seemed obvious during California Representative, The Hon. Karen Bass’ questioning of Mueller during the Congressional hearing:

Ohio Representative Hon. Michael Turner came to President Trumps defense with his observations that practically negated the investigation stating that neither Mueller or Attorney General Barr have the authority to exonerate the President in the first place.  It sounds like a valid argument until one factors in that Mueller’s report was an investigation that would provide the facts to be submitted before Congress who do have the authority to exonerate or Impeach the President.

Yet, after the hearing President Trump told the media that the investigation was a hoax, Mueller did a horrible presentation, and has stated there were no valid claims of obstruction or collusion with Russia in the 2016 election process.

It is critically important that everyone is informed about the issues that impact America’s future so they can vote for leaders who represent what is aligned with their beliefs.  It is no longer enough to just rely on what is on the news, or what parents, family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, and colleagues say.  It is everyone’s responsibility to pay attention to what is being said and done to know that they know for their-self.  Every vote matters and it is important more than ever for 2020.  Vote for truth and keep our elected officials accountable.

Truth is established when actions and words match.

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African American Women Grace September 2018 Magazine Covers

Supermodel Beverly Johnson made history in August 1974 as the first African American women chosen for the cover of Vogue.


September 2018 is another first for African American women as over a dozen major magazine publishers have chosen African American Women as their cover models.


Hopefully, this is not just a passing fad.  For decades African Americans have been categorized and marginalized as “not as profitable” investments in the media and advertising sectors.  Much still needs to be done about their representation in corporate boardrooms and sectors throughout society.  Time will tell as more African Americans rise to this occasion and are placed in positions that can help to make our world a better place for all.

USA TODAY has a complete listing and description of all the magazine covers featuring African American women on the September 2018 issues.

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#NeverAgain: Students Across USA Protest Gun Violence

Out of the mouth of babes come the words that will make a difference.  School shootings are finally being taken seriously by lawmakers who have turned a deaf ear on the urgent need for changes in gun control laws and have favored the gun lobby over our children’s safety.  As students protested across America, all the way to the White House sitting before President Trump, we now seem to have the attention of lawmakers.  It is sad that it took these many deaths to get their attention.  Our heart and prayers go out to the families who lost their beloved children.

UC TRN Networks

Compliments of ABC News, By Collin Binkley, Associated Press


In a wave of demonstrations reaching from Arizona to Maine, students at dozens of U.S. high schools walked out of class Wednesday to protest gun violence and honor the victims of last week’s deadly shooting in Florida.

The protests spread from school to school as students shared plans for their demonstrations over social media. Many lasted 17 minutes in honor of the 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

Hundreds of students from Maryland schools left class to rally at the U.S. Capitol. Hundreds more filed out of their schools in cities from Chicago to Pittsburgh to Austin, Texas, often at the lunch hour. Thousands walked out in Florida.

At the protest in Washington, students held a moment of silence in memory of those killed in Parkland and listened as the names of the dead were recited. Daniel Gelillo, a senior at Richard Montgomery High in Rockville, Maryland, helped organize the protest and said students aimed to pressure lawmakers to act on gun control.

Up until now, he said, nothing has quite fazed them.


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Kellogs Caught In The Crossfire By Claiming Their Frosted Flakes Are An Adult Cereal To Avoid Sugar Tax

By: Katie Morley of The Telegraph

Kellogg’s has been accused of a “weasly” attempt to get around child obesity sugar rules after re-branding Frosties as an adult cereal.

From 2020 food brands targeting children with sugary products face being named and shamed by the Government if they fail to reduce the sugar content by 20 per cent.

But after a trial of “reduced sugar” Frosties that contain 30 per cent less sugar flopped, Kellogg’s confirmed that it will not reduce the sugar content.

Ahead of the deadline Kellogg’s has banned promotions on Frosties, including free toys inside packs, but will keep the Tony the Tiger mascot on the front of boxes for the forseeable future.

Kellogg’s defended the decision and claimed that Tony the Tiger was an “adult cartoon”  that appealed to Millennials in their 20s and 30s.

Just one in five consumers who eats Frosties is a child, with the cereal now a primarily adult food, it said.

Official data shows the UK population is made up of roughly five times as many adults as children.

Tam Fry, spokesman at the National Obesity Forum, said: “Frosties is a Kellogg’s classic and they won’t want to do anything about that.  At first glance making them an adult cereal appears to be a way of getting round the regulations.

“It is a bit weasley. But as long as they make the generous concessions to health across the range they should be allowed to keep their classic products. With Frosties if you get rid of the sugar, then you get rid of the product.”

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Typhoon Damrey Devastates Vietnam

Compliments of  

Typhoon Damrey

Damrey, the strongest typhoon to make landfall in southern Vietnam in 16 years, has left at least 19 people dead with hundreds of homes destroyed.

Damrey made landfall in southern Vietnam, near Nha Trang, with the equivalent strength of a Category 2 hurricane in the eastern Pacific or Atlantic oceans.

Not since Lingling in November 2001 has a typhoon that strong struck Vietnam south of Qui Nhon.

Damrey has left at least 19 people dead across central and southern Vietnam, according to Reuters.

MORE:  View AcceWeather Report


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Congressional Black Caucus 2017

Sept 20/2017 – 7 a.m. EST

Today on September 20th people from all over the country will be meeting in Washington D.C. to attend the Congressional Black Caucus. The event started with a press conference lead by Rep. Cedric L. Richmond speaking to the tumultuous current events affecting our country.

The entire week will be filled with spectacular events addressing all the walks of life in which people of color are effect. Universal Citizens Media Network in Tandem With The Revelation Network will bring you events as they unfold. We also will be updating this post as the week progresses so stay tuned !!

Pic 1 CBC

Sept 20/2017 – 3 p.m. EST An event titled : Improving Correctional and Reentry Outcomes Through Career, Technical, and Adult Education presented with Augustus Hawkins Foundation  was provided for those curious about the subject. For those who are unfamiliar with the topic of discussion, The CBC app writes

Incarcerated individuals face numerous barriers during and after incarceration. People in prison have  lower literacy and numeracy levels than people outside of prison. Crowded and under–resource prisons lead to  idleness and lapses in education, training, and skill development. Transportation, housing, employment, and education are vital components to a person’s success after their time in prison. Upon an individual’s return to the community, many of these needs go unmet or unfulfilled, resulting in the return to prison. This session examines how career and technical education (CTE) supports return citizens. Presenters will discuss efforts to reauthorize both the Carl D. Perkins Career and the Second Chance Act, the National Science Foundation’s INCLUDES initiative and theU.S. Department of Education’s OCTAE Reentry Education Project and the Juvenile Justice Reentry Education Program as well as local initiatives to help to improve educational opportunities in correctional facilities and upon reentry for incarcerated individuals

Pic 3 CBC

The Panel included an astute group of presenters. Which included:

Lisa R. Ransom from the Augustus F. Hawkins Foundation

Image result for Lisa R. Ransom

Senator Tim Kaine, U.S. Senator (D-VA)

Image result for Senator Tim Kaine

Kim R. Ford, Acting Assisting Secretary/DAS,
U.S. Department of Education

Image result for Kim R. Ford

Melanie M. Shaw Geter, Judge, Maryland
Court of Special Appeals

Image result for Melanie M. Shaw Geter

Kamau Bobb, Constellations Center of Equity
in Computing, GA Tech

Image result for Kamau Bobb

Lul Tesfai of CNA Institute for Public Research

Image result for Lul Tesfai

Yariela Kerr- Donovan, SPHR, SHRM-SCP,SWP

Image result for Yariela Kerr

David Clements of House of David, Advocates for Fathers, Inc.

David Clements

Pic 2 CBCThere was also as guest appearance of Rep. John Lewis who added some soft words to lighten the mood.

Friday Sept 22/2017 3.p.m

Universal Citizens Media Network covered the session titled Policing Black Man and Boys: Are the Odds Against Them. The panel consisted of:

Angela J. Davis of American University of Washington College.

Image result for Angela J. Davis of American University of Washington College.

Raymond Hart PH.D. who is The Director of Research, Council of Great City Schools.

Image result for Raymond Hart PH.D

Cedric Alexander, Ph.D. The Deputy Mayor of Rochester New York.

Image result for Cedric Alexander, Ph.D. The Deputy Mayor of Rochester New York.

Paul Butler J.D. a professor of law and author.

Image result for Paul Butler J.D. a professor of law and author.

Angela Rye J.D. who is the CNN Political Commentator

Image result for Angela Rye J.D. who is the CNN Political Commentator

The CBC describes the session:

“Policing Black Men: Are the Odds Against Them?” This town hall will feature a group of experts and leaders in the fields of civil rights, justice reform and community race relations who will engage any thought–provoking analysis of the current state of relations between black males and law enforcement in the various cultural, legal, historical and psychological biases that often impede trust and understanding between African–American communities and the police.

The panel addressed Police Brutality, Racial Profiling, Methods of staying safe if detained, and potential solutions to the issues the community of color is facing. The curiosity of the topics of discussion from the attendees of the conference were obvious by the repeated delivery of extra chairs to the room holding the discussion. The professional opinions of the panel offered a myriad of perspectives to help alleviate any previously held ignorances surrounding policing. The perspectives and insight varied  from those of The Police, Judges and Prosecutors.

Screen shot finalAngela Rye speaking to the attendees of the seminar

 There were a few excerpts that a stood out. For example, the statistical evidence proving a disproportionate castigation of people of color in the judicial system.   Although D.C. has a higher population of people of color in their city, the evidence supporting the disproportion is nationwide. Another  example that surprised many of the listeners was how People of Color are 4x as likely to be incarcerated for the same crime committed by  as their non-colored peers. After each speaker gave their professional opinions on how the Community of Color can work better together, the floor was opened to questions.  It was not until the final question was asked, where the sensitivity of the issue was distinct. The question was concerning the responsibility of the black community, how perhaps it is also the responsibility to behave better and potentially the fault of our community for provoking some of the interactions resulting in the shootings and brutality. Stunned at first glance Angela responded in a way that would only make sense if seen. We uploaded it to our Facebook page !

Check out our Facebook page here 

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Illinois Is Ready To Ban Geolocation Tracking Without User Consent 

By: Lisa Vaas of Naked Security 

The US state of Illinois is poised to pass a law that makes it illegal to track a phone’s location without the owner’s consent.
The law, the Geolocation Privacy Protection Act (HB3449), was passed in both houses of the state legislature last week. It’s now on the desk of Governor Bruce Rauner, ready to be signed into law.

The bill will make it illegal for a company to track a person’s geolocation without first getting permission. It sets criminal penalties and damages of at least $1,000, plus attorney’s fees and court costs, for working out a person’s whereabouts from their device without permission.

‘Geolocation information’ means information that: (i) is not the contents of a communication; (ii) is generated by or derived from, in whole or in part, the operation of a mobile device, including, but not limited to, a smart phone, tablet, or laptop computer; and (iii) is sufficient to determine or infer the precise location of that device.

IP addresses aren’t covered by the bill. It also includes exceptions for finding a missing child or to enable emergency responders to locate somebody. Breaking the new law will be considered a violation of the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act.

Some question whether the bill will have any real-world impact, given that most devices, apps and websites now ask people for permission before they use location data.

True, and good for their developers. But there’ve been plenty of times when that permission wasn’t sought or granted, yet still our locations have been tracked. There are other times when our locations have been shared without our permission simply because some developer along the line introduced location-sharing by accident.

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Vaccines To Become Mandatory For All French Children

By: Katie Forster of The Independent 

Parents in France will be legally obliged to vaccinate their children from 2018, the government has announced.

French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said it was “unacceptable” that children are “still dying of measles” in the country where some of the earliest vaccines were pioneered.

Three childhood vaccines, for diphtheria, tetanus and polio, are currently mandatory in France. Others, including those against hepatitis and whooping cough, are simply recommended.
Announcing the policy, Mr Philippe evoked the name of Louis Pasteur, the French biologist who made breakthroughs in disease research and developed the first vaccines for rabies and anthrax in the 19th century.

He said all the vaccines which are universally recommended by health bodies – 11 in total – would be compulsory.

The move follows a similar initiative in Italy, which recently banned non-vaccinated children from attending state schools.

The World Health Organisation has warned of major measles outbreaks spreading across Europe despite the availability of a safe, effective vaccine. 

Anti-vaccine movements, whose followers are known as anti-vaxxers, are believed to have contributed to low rates of immunisation against the highly contagious disease in a number of countries.

A recent survey found more than three out of 10 French people don’t trust vaccines, with just 52 per cent of participants saying the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks.
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