Los Angeles Communities Mourn The Loss Of Community Leader Nipsey Hustle


Murder is a a horrible crime and this one is being taken especially hard.  The impact of Nipsey Hussle’s murder in South Los Angeles has left the community heart broken, frustrated, and angry, searching for answers.  His loss has impacted the community so deeply because he was one of the bright lights working to reduce gang violence and bring peace.  A philanthropist and role model, Nipsey Hussle was a Grammy Award nominee, business owner, supported a  S.T.E.M. education center for inner city youth, remodeled the local school playground, and was about to meet with local law enforcement to help improve community relationships.

The murderers identity is not yet known, but not for long.  There is  an unanimous outcry and support for Nipsey’s murderer to be caught.   Community residents, leaders, business owners, officials, celebrities, clergy and law enforcement are rallying together and sharing information to find out who took the  life of such a positive contributor to the community, and why.

Hearts are broken and Nipsey Hussle is simply gone too soon.

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