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Welcome to The Revelation Network: TRN.TV

Live Broadcasts & On Demand Media

The Revelation Network (TRN) brings you programs with purposeful themes to enjoy with your family and friends. We reach out to audiences worldwide across multiple media platforms including the Internet, mobile phones, personal hand held devices, and new media digital transmissions.

All of our media is inspirational, educational and motivational - positive themes for the entire family. TRN Internet Television and Internet Radio Portals stream programs submitted by individuals, producers, ministries, faith based congregations and community based organizations from all around the world.  In this age of "Citizen's Journalism" The Revelation Network provides audiences with a voice AND a choice.

You can enjoy our programs as an audience member or as a member supporter. Then, if you have a story to tell, you can submit your programs for broadcasting on a Revelation Network portal. If you have many programs to share, you can broadcast your programs on your own channel. All submissions are considered for listing in our featured program slots for promotion and advertising throughout our Network.

More information about each channel is available on each individual channel page. Broadcasts are live and on-demand. Channel subscriptions are free and include access to:

Premium Channels and Special Programs are available by paid subscription or pay-per-view.

Sign up today as a free subscriber so we can stay in touch. Become a member supporter and receive our special promotions and incentives. We welcome your comments on how we can bring you more programs you want to see, hear, and enjoy.


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