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ENLA has provided valuable information given the horrific tragedy of the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT today.  All of our thoughts and prayers are with the affected children and families.

Contributed by Dr. Paul Myers,   Program Specialist, Resilient and Ready Communities: Los Angeles

"Many of your children will be asking hard questions today and we would like to offer assistance in handling this difficult situation. Attached to this email are four articles to help both you and your children deal with the grief and sadness that go along with an event of this magnitude. These include tools to help you talk to your kids and ways for you and your children to cope with trauma or stress.  Feel free to share these articles with people you know." 

Access Resources on Dealing with Trauma

President Obamas Comments on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy

Our special thanks to ENLA, Dr. Myers, and President Obama



An increased number of residential fires occur across the Unted States during the holiday season.  Causes from cooking to Christmas trees can be reduced or avoided completely by taking fire safety precautions.

Download:  Holiday Cooking Safety


Download: Protecting Your Family from Fire - FEMA



Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are recovering from Hurricane Sandy.  The following articles from provide information about what we can do to prepare for future events as well as links to other resources and information.  Please see:

Download:  Reflections on Hurricane Disaster Recovery


Download: Hurricane Procedures from Boynton Beach, FL



Even though the Great Shakeout drill is over, you can still prepare for an earthquake all year long.  Please see the "Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety" document for useful information on how you can prepare yourself, your family, friends, and co-workers.

Download Shakeout: Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety & Personal Drill Information


TRN Update: "What Is The Spirit Telling Us"

As told through the Prophets, the Spirit is giving us warning and time to prepare.


for some spiritually relevant information regarding emergency preparedness.


TRN Alert: "Surviving the Heat"

Surviving The Heat - Heating & Cooling List

The "Surviving the Heat" document provides useful information about staying cool in the sweltering heat AND includes Emergency Cooling Centers in the Los Angeles Area.  Please share this with family and friends.


TRN Alert: "Resources for Citizens with Special Needs"

Do you or a loved one have specific needs that will require special help or attention during an emergency?  Do you care for an elderly or disabled family member?

Register for SNAP to be included in emergency service planning. SNAPP Registration Page 

For more information CLICK HERE