About The Revelation Network

The Revelation Network is our pathway for truth & light to reach global audiences through media and technology. We provide broadcast solutions for individuals, producers, churches, ministries, and organizations from all around the world to bring inspirational, educational & motivational programs to audiences across multiple media platforms. Each Content Providers portal brings their expression of light through media in; films, TV shows, documentaries, talk shows, music and more.

In consideration of the influence that media has on culture, especially youth, Lady Alicia Hamilton, The Revelation Network Founder, embarked on a quest to provide programs with purposeful and meaningful themes to global audiences. This effort to contribute positive imagery to multi media is now expanding across the globe uniting people, and cultures through the exchange of inspirational and educational programming. In the words of Lady Hamilton, "One Mind and One Love in the Light" can heal our world.

TRN programs are available on our Network scheduled and promo channels, featured channels, on demand, free, by subscription, and pay-per-view. Premium channels are coming soon.


Church & Ministry Media

Listings of church and ministry media contributors including their worship services, Bible Study, and special programs.

Distance Education

TRN uses technology for brilliant educators to reach their students anywhere in the world that can receive a digital transmission. We list many educational resources, classes, and distance learning programs.

Featured Portals

Custom broadcast portal locations with shows and programs from producers, content providers, promotion companies featuring their new releases, content libraries, and hidden treasures.

Premium Channels


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