Pearl Harbor: Disaster for Japan | National Geographics Documentary | Military & War
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Blending advanced CGI, re-enactments, archival footage, forensic science, dramatic eyewitness accounts and expert testimony, experience first-hand, the gripping details of the final moments behind some of the world's most chilling disasters. On the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, take a look at whether this was the most successful pre-emptive strike in history or a fatal blow to Japan's quest for victory. On a quiet Sunday morning in 1941 the pride of the US Navy rode calmly at anchor in the island paradise of Hawaii, far away from the war raging in Europe. That calm was abruptly shattered by the arrival of Imperial Japan's carrier taskforce that, in an unprecedented surprise attack, killed thousands and destroyed the American battleships that stood between Japan and its desire for a Pacific empire. This "day of infamy" seemed to be the most successful pre-emptive strike in history and a disaster for the United States. But was it? Seconds from Disaster takes a fresh look at one of history's greatest events and investigates whether the attack was in fact a fatal blow to Japan's quest for victory.
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