About The Revelation Network

As the COVID19 Coronavirus Pandemic arrests our worlds attention, we are following this historic journey through the lens of our global network of Citizens Journalists. Our themed channels will return after we defeat CoVID19, our invisible enemy, and we celebrate CoVICtory 2020 together. We share the prayers, love, and light filled thoughts for the lives lost and families impacted during this unprecedented world war. We are forever thankful and grateful for the healthcare professionals and essential workers who are fighting on the front lines of these battles.

The Revelation Network ( shares inspirational, educational, and motivational programs with audiences anytime, anyplace, and anywhere in the world on the devices they prefer including; the Internet, mobile phones, hand held devices, traditional television and radio.  In this age of "Citizen's Journalism" TRN's community of like-minded individuals, producers, distributors, churches, ministries, and organizations contribute to the new narratives for the advancement of people, planet, and prosperity with purpose.

In consideration of the influence that media has on society and culture, especially our youth, Lady Alicia Hamilton, The Revelation Network Founder, began curating programs with purposeful and meaningful themes in an effort to unite and uplift people around the world.  Programs are available on featured channels and stations; free, by subscription, and/or pay-per-view. 


TRN Featured Channels 

Faith based and inspirational media from contributors including; Bible Study, worship services, prayer meetings, uplifting and special programs.

TRN Wisdom TV

Global education through distance learning extends learning opportunities around the globe.  From Global Classrooms to training videos, TRN uses technology for brilliant educators to reach their students anywhere in the world that can receive a digital transmission. Listings for educational resources, classes, and distance learning programs.

TRN Acoustic Zone

Podcasts of music and talk programs contributed by our member providers.

TRN International TV

Premium channels featuring programs from countries represented by our network of International Media Ambassadors.  Programs are provided free AND pay-per-view.  

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