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The AJ Action Team (AJAX) is a voluntary network of international executives that is convened intermittently under the authority of an international coordinator. The task of the international coordinator is to identify, attract, pre-qualify and manage strategic alliances with vendors and service providers able to deliver world class branding, marketing, project management and merchandising solutions to and through the AJ Action Team in five main areas: - Client Capacity Assessment - Mascot Infrastructure & Resources - Action Team Official Launch & Mobilization - Community Feedback - Fundraising/Sales/Marketing Mission AJAX has been convened to develop and coordinate sustainable culturally enriching entertainment and educational projects that engage and self-empower the shared African inheritance of the human family. AJAX communities and peoples use transparent economic literacy protocols and accounting systems to demonstrate, implement, aggregate and administer holistic entrepreneurial, economic and wealth creation strategies that accelerate and transcend the Millennium Development Goals 2015, in compliance with the United Nations Global Compact in zero time.

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