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Lady Alicia on TRN's Network Restructuring

Lady Alicia's message to all TRN Subscribers about the network's restructuring into separate niche sub anchor networks. TRN is now bringing only faith based and spiritual programming. The new has the family centric, secular, and millennial media. All are listed on the new Universal Citizens Media Network. Details are in this video.

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Preparedness in ASL

DCN: Deaf Community Network, TRN Portal #315 presents Emergency Preparedness for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

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Welcome to DCN

DCN: Deaf Community Network welcome clip.


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TRN Interview with Lady Hamilton in 2008 Peter Allman's Celebrity Scene News Interview with TRN Founder, Alicia Hamilton discussing the inspiration and purpose for TRN, The Revelation Network IPTV & Radio. This interview from 2008 is made public for the first time in 2012. The original discussion in 2008 about the inspiration for creating The Revelation Network now represents a prophetic message from Lady Hamilton because it is so relevant to the violence and terrorist events of 2012. The Colorado mass shootings and murders in July 2012, followed by the Wisconsin Sikh Mosque mass shootings and murders in August 2012 are just the beginning of the consequences Lady Hamilton foretells here in this interview. These horrific events are prime examples of the consequences Hamilton said we could face because of the impact negative imagery in media has on society. Hamilton also contends that it is especially important to consider the impact negative imagery will have on the developing minds of our youth. Although media may not be directly linked to cause violent acts by people at this time, it's negative influence should not be overlooked or denied as a significant impact on peoples behavior and cultural development according to Hamilton. The Revelation Network is Hamilton's platform to be an advocate for positive and responsible imagery in media.

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