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9/11 2001 Nine News Melbourne Australian coverage of World Trade Center Attacks

Channel Nine News Australia. Afternooon news bulletin September 2001 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks September 11 2001

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YouTube's best robbery WIN/FAIL compilation

Don't try this at home! :-) In my opinion, these are some of the best robbery fails/wins on YouTube. Here's my compilation! Links to the original videos, in no chronological order: Deputy Walks in on Robbery in Progess San Dimas Don't mess with granny! real life CCTV Failed Robbery Jewel robbery FAIL - watch out for Supergran! Robbery failure Shopkeeper turns gun on robber - stupid thief puts his gun down! Store Owner Shoots Knife Attacker Stupid Criminals Caught On Tape! Worst Robbery In the History of Robbery Attempts You Call That a Knife? THIS is a Knife! Thanks to Rick Clark, ABC News, TheYoungTurks and of course to all those stupid criminals out there! :-) Free Music by Rick Clark: (Run for your life) (The chase) (The drums of war) (Heading for the battle) (Plucky Daisy) (Amazing Plan) From:


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