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#1 - We Are All Born Free & Equal

Youth For Human Rights ad #01 - We Are All Born Free & Equal

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Exotic Pets "What the Experts Say"

Did you know that there are more exotic animals in private ownership than in all the zoos and sanctuaries? This is a huge problem in the United States, as well as many other countries that allow this to happen. Did you know that 98% of all exotic animals held as pets die before they reach age 2? And did you know that it is legal to house these animals in cages just big enough for them to stand up and turn around? There have been countless investigations all revealing the same thing: There are simply no responsible owners. Organizations like REXANO (Responible Exotic Animal Ownership) claim to support responsible ownership. One of the leaders of REXANO kept his cougar locked up in a room no larger than a closet. Another head REXANO member owns a white tiger. That alone shows the ignorance of their organization as white tigers are born through inbreeding. Furthermore, most of these animals would have a territory of over 120 square miles in the wild. There is no way to replicate that. These animals often live on cement floors or in dirt. REXANO says it's goal is to "protect the rights of exotic animal owners"... But what about the rights of the animals they own? Exotic owners will often use the animals as symbols of power or uniqueness. They will often buy animals such as white tigers and golden tabbies, as well as hybrids such as ligers and tigons. All of these animals are extremely unhealthy and a lot of them need to be bred to produce a somewhat healthy one. Breeders will often sell animals, usually cubs, online. When the animal grows up, it is very common for it to be abandoned. Keep in mind, it takes years and years to fully understand how to take care of an animal like a tiger. Most people buying them do not know how to take care of them. There are so many cats being abandoned, that accredited animal shelters have to decline hundreds, if not, thousands of cats each year. Most cats in sanctuaries are from the horrible exotic pet trade. Footage provided by: Animal Protection Institute Born Free USA Big Cat Rescue

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