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WATCH THIS FIRST: How-To train your Dog using a clicker and food

This is a video about: How-To train your Dog using a clicker, food, and positive reinforcement method. This video explains how to condition your dog to the sound of the clicker. Clickers are available at your local pet supply store. I purchased mine at Petco. Clickers are generally very inexpensive. I like to use small pieces real cheese or real meat when I am training Taz. I prefer to use a small ziploc bag to hold the treats while I train. I usually train Taz 2-3 times per day, for 15-20 minutes each time, using positive reinforcement methods. We practice new tricks and reinforce tricks he already knows. Taz loves his training and gets very excited when he hears the jingle of me getting the clicker or putting his bits of treats into a ziploc bag. He performs all of his tricks by choice and gets rewards for his behavior. He loves to show off! Please check out more of Taz's videos on my channel: RoxyDachsie. Please also ensure your veterinarian gives you the OK to train your dog before starting any dog training program. Thanks for watching! Happy Training!

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