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Donut Recipe My name is Ed Chastain and I have over 20 years of experience making and creating handmade donuts by scratch within my donut shop, testing and perfecting my donut making art. I look forward to training you in the lost art of donut making and/or assisting you as you open your own highly profitable donut shop or wholesale business. Donuts are quickly becoming a lost art that YOU CAN PROFIT FROM due to poorly trained bakers, aging donut shops, inferior frozen donuts and premixed, and established professionals unwilling to share their knowledge. With two decades in the donut business, I've gained valuable knowledge, and I'm willing to share. My objective: to provide quality information and valuable training about the donut business so your own only option isn't just to open a donut franchise and use their baking methods. Instead, I demonstrate expert donut making techniques for both "yeast" and "cake" donuts. This can be found on a two disc, four-hour, step-by-step training course DVD and its companion e-book Donut Shop Formula. As an added bonus, you get personal consultations and advice from "Donuts are all I do!" From the baker's table, I demonstrate my most guarded donut making methods along with instruction on how to make traditional, unique, and even lost-to-history donuts, fillings, and toppings, many of them lost over time, (like my special chocolate and white raised cinnamon twist, which, in my shop, outsell every other donut I have.) Starting from raw ingredients to batching your donut brew, into mixing, floor time, fermentation, loafing, proofing, frying, finishing, icing, and decorating, everything is covered. Within my accompanying e-book, I demonstrate how to create, step-by-step, raised yeast donuts, along with personal tips, donut calculation formulas, and authentic donut recipe cards passed down to me by old time bakers of yesteryear. There's also a universal cake donut recipe and instructions on how to adapt it to make a virtually endless array of donuts. Also included are proven recipes for icings, fillings, toppings, and much, much more. The book also provides you the materials to start up the "business" part of your donut business, such as shop floor plans, places to find used donut equipment, kitchen equipment fabrication instructions, and advice on how to manage contractors, all with the idea of saving you time and money in mind. "I hold nothing back!" In all honesty, I know that there is true business opportunity in donuts! If you're interested in learning complete donut making methods and techniques, ADVANCED RAISED TRAINING is for you! It's a trade you can easily learn and apply at flairs, carnivals, special events, or at your own highly profitable donut shop or wholesale business. ADVANCED RAISED TRAINING includes all of the above information, provided to you by the most experienced independent consultant in the industry. And, as stated, consultations with me are included in the program. What's the cost? Less than a couple of tables and chairs for your new donut shop. The ADVANCED RAISED TRAINING course (DVD and e-book) is $129.00 with free priority shipping. That may sound like a lot for a book and a DVD, but it's more than just that: you're investing in your future and you're paying for knowledge derived form two decades of proven experience. There's so need to waste weeks or months in research or waste thousands of dollars on inferior programs. Get everything you need to start your donut business today in my program, right now, for just $129.00

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