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Making Handmade natural and organic soaps (goats milk and glycerin "soap" making) Please enjoy this first of 5 videos that show you the process of "making soap" by hand in your kitchen out of the finest all natural and organic ingredients. The soap maker featured in this video is Mickey Dye-Ishikawa of Asheville "North Carolina". Mickey has been working in the "health food" industry for 12 years, and has been making artisan handmade soaps for the past 4 years or more! Her products are unique in a craft (soap making) where anyone can buy the basic raw material to make soap. While many of the well known "handmade soap" companies out there make good products, many of them also cut corners by using inferior ingredients in the name of cutting costs to mass produce their products. Mickey believes that everyone SHOULD be able to use soaps that are made only with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients available, so thats exactly what she uses to make her soaps! This video series about Mickey Dye-Ishikawa and her handmade soaps, and her company "Things From Home, inc" is a "joint venture" project between her and (Robert Bankston) of "The Method Reports, llc" where they are working together to "increase her sales" online using the techniques of the "Video Marketing" program written by Robert early this year, "The Youtube Marketing Course". Video Marketing is the fastest growing way for small and large businesses alike to increase their reach and boost sales and traffic to their websites for FREE. It takes alot more than just recording and uploading a video to get the traffic and sales your business needs, DONT leave your income to chance. Contact Robert Bankston today through his Youtube channel to start leartning how easy it is to use the many free video resource sites online to double your monthly online sales! Other videos in this series about "making handmade soaps", and about Mickey Dye-Ishikawa's background and business are listed below: (being added as they are released) Thanks for watching, we hope you have learned something about making soap, and Mickey welcomes ALL questions via her youtube channel, please go to her channel and leave your questions there and she will get back to you almost daily! Please rate our videos 5 stars if you liked them, and leave us a comment! Most importantly, SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button to the right of this video, OR by going to Mickey's channel and clicking the yellow SUBSCRIBE button at the top left of the page! We appreciate it, and will continue to add valuable soap making information to the channel weekly! For MORE info about the ingredients used in these finest of handmade soaps, please visit Mickey's website at Thanks again for watching!

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