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Lady Alicia on TRN's Network Restructuring

Lady Alicia's message to all TRN Subscribers about the network's restructuring into separate niche sub anchor networks. TRN is now bringing only faith based and spiritual programming. The new has the family centric, secular, and millennial media. All are listed on the new Universal Citizens Media Network. Details are in this video.

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Family Love Outreach

Family Love Outreach

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PAC RED Giving Season

PAC RED kicks off the 2016 Giving Season on Giving Tuesday to keep the good work going: Training Sessions, Workshops, Distributing Information Materials, Media Productions, Community Networking and Relationship Building. VISIT- for more information and to Support PAC RED.

Channels: DAPP #911 

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Conversations with Andrew Williams, Jr. - Ms. Helen Bako, PT2

Description Part 2 of 2: Conversations with Andrew Williams, Jr., with Special Guest Ms. Helen Bako, Universal Dorcas Ministry and Lady Alicia Hamilton discussing Human Right, Slavery, and Trafficking.

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