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This video was originally shot in August 2009. A student from The POINT's ACTION program brought copies with him when he visited Michelle Obama's organic garden at the White House later that month. A version of this video then debuted at the South Bronx Food & Film Expo on December 5th, 2009 at The POINT and was also screened during the opening of the first ever Bronx Food Summit hosted by Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. on May 1st, 2010. A month later it was a part of the Sustainable Planet Film Series in Manhattan and has been shown at numerous events and classrooms across NYC and nationally. It has since given birth to a new, wholly inclusive, Bronx Borough-wide educational/vocational initiative: Green Bronx Machine. Green Bronx Machine and Bronx Educator/Advocate Stephen Joseph Ritz will be featured in a WABC TV Prime Time Special: "Above and Beyond," airing June 18, 2011 @ 7 PM on ABC Channel 7. Green Bronx Machine will be celebrating with an official GALA LAUNCH PARTY on June 22, 6-9 PM at Cafe Iguana, W. 54th Street, NYC. Learn more by emailing Like them on Facebook at: Also, check out their debut welcome video: Please post a comment below and let us know what you think! For more info contact THE POINT ( or the Green Bronx Machine (

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RIP Donna Summer (Mac Arthur Park -live in Amsterdam)

Thank you for all the great music a beautiful powerfull voice will never be forgotten Donna Summer may God Bless Your Soul may You Rest In Peace AwoTiina a fan from 70s Donna - The Queen of Disco ------------- Dutch wikipedia: --------- Background : LaDonna Andre Gaines was born in Boston, MA, on New Year's Eve - December 31, 1948. She was one of seven children and she started her singing career as many other fine artists - by singing in her church choir back in Boston. She left school quite early and in 1968 she went to Germany to play Sheila in the musical Hair. She also played in other musicals like Porgy and Bess and Showboat. In 1971 she released her first solo record "Sally Go 'Round the Roses" as Donna Gains and this ignited her great career. Donna settled down in Munich, where she married Helmut Sommer. It was from him that she took her new name; the name we all know her by - Donna Summer. Her first hit by her new name was "the Hostage" which reached the # 1 spot in Germany, France and Belgium. With Helmut, she had a baby daughter - Mimi; whom she later sang about in the track "Mimi's Song". It was also in Munich in the early 70's that she met two guys called Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. They teamed up together and created some great music. Music we all soon would know as DISCO. Starting out with the album Lady of the night (1974) and followed by the brilliant Love To Love You Baby (1975). The title track of the later album became a huge worldwide hit, the sound and sexxxy lyrics was copied with less success in numerous of other songs; for example "Feel'in good" by Francine McGee. Donna Summer - Love To Love You Baby It was actually Donna who came up with the idea of doing "Love To Love You Baby", she had been inspired by the old Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg song "Je t'aime... moi non plus", a song she later recorded as a bonus 12" for the Thank God it's Friday soundtrack. She told Pete and Giorgio that she wanted to, and could do a song like that. Giorgio produced it and made a 3-minute single out of the song. The single didn't hit and Donna was actually quite satisfied since she thought it was perhaps a little too sexy and she had never intended it to be a hit anyway. But... the late Neil Bogart, owner and president of Casablanca Records got hold of the single and just loved it! He played it at a party he held at his house and all his friends just begged him to play it over and over again. Neil immediately called Giorgio and told him to make it much longer to any cost - and the result is an almost 17-minute long Disco orgy. It also resulted in a contract with Casablanca and the rest is, so to say, Disco history... The success of the song brought Donna back to the US and soon Giorgio and Pete followed too. The Team (Giorgio, Pete and Donna) was VERY productive and released almost 2 albums a year for a period... A Love triology was released in 1976 and later the same year they released Four seasons of love. In the summer of 1977 I remember yesterday was available in the stores. I remember yesterday I remember yesterday was a theme album where each song represented a different decade... For example the title song, "I Remember Yesterday", is a 20's Charleston-type of song. The huge hit from the album was the song that should represent the future - it became the first real computer Disco hit - "I Feel Love". This was a ground breaking tune in which Giorgio founded the famous "galloping bassline", which today has become an industry standard. This was a new and fresh sound which was copied immediately with various results. The original version is still as fresh and good as it was back then. It's absolutely one of the most important Disco songs ever recorded. It definitely helped Disco music to become as huge as it was during the late 70's and early 80's. Various people have tried to remix it over the years, for example Patrick Cowley in 1982 and there have been recorded covers of the song as well; but none is as good as the original 1977 version. Later in 1977, a new Donna Summer LP called Once upon a time was released. This time the very productive team had put together a double album with some great dance tracks like; "Faster and faster to nowhere", "Rumour Has It", "I Love You" and the title track "Once Upon A Time". Live and more Following the success of Donna Summer's career, the team decided to release a Live album called Live and more in 1978. The album was recorded from Donna's concert at the Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California. The album was like a 'Live Greatest Hits' and is a very good live album where you can feel the energy of Donna's performance.


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Funny Video-Postcards from the Dog Park-Rottweiler Puppy-Australian Cattle Dog-Vizsla-Arroyo Verde

Postcards from the Dog Park, a new occasional video series from - comments are moderated! Follow us on Twitter - In this episode we feature some test images we shot on an overcast day at Arroyo Verde Dog Park. Dog breeds featured in this video include the Australian Cattle Dog, aka Queensland Heeler and Blue Heeler, English Mastiff, Vizsla, Golden Retriever, Boxer, American Pit Bull Terrier (briefly), Border Collie, Border Collie-Aussie mix, and an adorable Rottweiler (rotti) puppy. There are some great action shots, funny dog play moments, and, of course, a puppy. Two puppies actually. The giant English Mastiff is also a puppy. All photos captured with a Nikon D70S camera, shutter speed of 1/1000th, a Nikkor 24mm lens, ISO at ASA 800, and white balance to cloudy. Please rate or "like" this video, share it with your friends, and post it to your favorite forums & websites! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel & Twitter feeds! Get your dog featured on our channel! Visit - Click on the "Contact Us" link and tell us about your dog video! While surfing be sure to join our free forums & upload your dog pictures to our free gallery! Get your business seen here by thousands of pet and dog lovers - contact us to sponsor our videos and advertise on our website! Postcards from the Dog Park is a trademark of

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Wild Carpathia - Amazing Carpathian Mountains,Transylvania,Romania (HD).m2ts

Apuseni Mountains are an amazing part of wild Carpathian Mountains from Transylvania,Romania,Europe. Here you can see wild landscapes with virgin forests,canyons, pure rivers, waterfalls and over 4000 caves. Here you can visit Apuseni Natural Park. A lot of nature wonders can be visited in the mountain wilderness : - Garda Seaca Valley ; - Izbuc Tauz ; - Coiba Mare Cave ; - Cetatile Ponorului Cave ; - Padis Karstic Plateau ; - Glacier from Scarisoara Cave ; - Varciorog Waterfall ; - Cetatile Radesei Cave ; - Sighistel Canyon ; - Galbenei Canyon ; - Warm Somes Canyon. And many other beauties of the nature in this area called Land of Stone and inhabited by Motzi peoples, successors of the ancient dacians and living today in a traditional lifestyle. Video by Full HD 1080 SONY VideoCamera I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

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