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Amazing autumn leaves in Kyoto.

京都の秋の紅葉 Kyoto is a magic and traditional place. Kyoto is conveniently accessible from both Tokyo and Osaka. From Osaka's Kansai International Airport, JR Rapid trains and airport limousines provide quick and easy transpotation. Kyoto, which has a thousand-plus temples and shrines, is a fascinating city. Most sightseeing spots are contained within a compact area at the bese of the mountains. Tofuku-ji Temple, Takao, Arashiyama, Ohara and Higashiyama, etc. are among the most popular spots for the maple blossom viewing. The month of november is the best season of the year for viewing the vibrant red maple leaves in Kyoto. Just as in spring when the cherry blossoms bloom, it is when the largest numbers of tourists visits Kyoto. As summer fades to autumn, the trees prepare for the winter months. The difference in afternoon and evening temperature climbs and the trees change from green to red and yellow. The most beautiful example of this change can be found in the maple. Japan is filled with maple trees and Japanese flock from all over to view then during the fall tourist season. In Japan, autumn leaf viewing is called, "Momiji-gari". This practice has a long history, having been enjoyed by noble families twelve-hundred years ago in the Heian Period. The colors and brilliance of the leaves changes from year to year, with rainfall and especially temperature influencing their hue. The greater the difference in evening and afternoon temperature, the more brilliant the reds and yellows become. The red leaves in the mountain region are particularly beautiful because of this difference in temperature. From the mountains to the plains, Kyoto is blessed with maples. You can usually enjoy the leaves here from the end of October until around December 10th.

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