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The Internet's Most Viewed Independent Religious Music Video‬ - (free download at our website)

‪‪‬‬ The Howard Stern Show controversy: Our band refused a great chance to be heard on Howard's show due to it's pornographic content. Our website has links to newsprint about this decision. (Best Status - Unsigned Band / Indie Artists / Unsigned Artist / Indie bands) Download free music online at our website. It is in the best music format possible (True CD quality -- 320Kbps). YouTube formats do NOT give you the best music video quality. YouTube is not CD quality. Sample audio of our other songs are also available. You will not find Brandt Morain "Volume One" for sale at Itunes, Amazon, CDBaby, or any other similar vendor due to their unethical EULA agreements. You can only buy Brandt Morain "Volume One" at our website or our affiliate store front partners. Band / Group Details: Our debut CD "Volume One" has received great reviews, articles and interviews from Music Review, USA Today, The Manning Report with Dr. James Manning, Alternative Press Magazine as well as contributing writers for top publications such as Rolling Stone Magazine. Our album has received substantial Radio Airplay in Phoenix AZ and Albany NY as the official music for two radio talk shows on stations KFNX 100 and Talk 1300 AM. Additionally, segments from our tune "The C is Silent in Rap" are currently broadcast daily from New York City as bumper music for "The Manning Report". Brandt Morain "Volume One" is comprised of multiple genres including 1970-80's style Rock, Country, A Capella, Christian / Religious, a song that is designed to destroy Rap music, Easy Listening and a few recordings that defy categorization. In order to bring you the best Christian music possible, our recording philosophy omits recording industry "innovations" such as Autotune. These devices damage a recording artists performance in our opinion, producing sterile results that have destroyed the quality of some of the best Christian songs and other great music in the industry. Music Review said Brandt Morain Volume One is: "A Tour de Force of Music", "A flawlessly produced album" & "A complete breath of fresh air in today's age". Eddie and Jared wish to extend a special thanks to our fans, The Father & all the great folks who work with Brandt Morain for their love and support! Best Wishes Everyone. Thanks for listening! Enjoy! Jared Brandt & Eddie Morain Brandt Morain Studios, LLC ‪‪‬‬ P.S. This video has received a lot of attention from India, which is a bit surprising to us. Therefore, we wish to thank all the good folks in India for supporting Brandt Morain -- Dhanyavaad shukriyaa India! The video has also received a lot of attention from Great Britain. Go figure. A Christian video rocking in India and the UK---Gandhi wouldn't eat for a week! NOTICE I: There are more than one hundred YouTube sites that have stolen the description, tags and title from this video. They have even stolen the video itself! There are also other websites who are selling illegal ringtones of this song. Please ignore them. They are NOT affiliated with Brandt Morain. We really despise this kind of activity. It sabotages our efforts and makes our job ten times more difficult. Like the song says -- "Men who steal and Men who cheat" NOTICE II: We have been approached by several Record Labels with, shall we say, "questionable" backgrounds or ridiculously lousy deals. Be Aware! We at Brandt Morain know how to do research. Every Record Label that approaches us gets a thorough background check before we reply. So, if you are one of these outfits, please do not waste your time contacting us. NOTICE III: We have been approached by numerous management groups offering to manage Brandt Morain. We are not interested in hiring management. We already have the best manager in all creation--The Father. He is great at his job and He doesn't even charge a percentage! NOTICE IV: We have been approached by many organizations with offers to advertise on this video. Why would we want to dilute the quality of our work by smearing annoying and cheesy ads all over it? We are not interested in selling out for advertisement dollars. Please shill your wares elsewhere. In the words of the venerable philosopher, "I Don't sing for Pepsi, Don't sing for Coke, Don't sing for nobody, Makes me look like a joke! This video is for YOU!" (Keywords: Independent Artists / Unsigned Artist / Indie Artist / Indie Artists / Independent Artist / Unsigned Artists / Indie Recording Artists / Indie Recording Artist / Unsigned Recording Artist / Unsigned Recording Artists / Indie Band / Unsigned Band / Indie Bands / Unsigned Bands / Facebook / / Indie Music / Unsigned Music / Indie music video / Unsigned music video / Musician's Wanted / twitter godtube michael savage facebook youtube hotmail google yahoo gmail fb msn twitter amazon orkut tuenti)

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London Olympics 2012 - Olympic Song - Flame (radio edit) Torch Relay

Torch relay video This Should be the official song for London 2012 Summer Olympics. Lyrics Intro/Chant/Outro Yocha noh gweh yocha, yocha noh gweh yocha, yocha noh gweh yocha Yocha yocha Chorus 1 Light the flame, light the flame, light the flame All the love that you get give the same Leave behind all the grief You can overcome the pain And light the flame Verse You can be swifter, you can aim further Yes, you can reach higher than before You can be stronger, you can act wiser Oh yes, you can achieve a better score Bridge Now you've come of age Don't allow fear in anymore Today has become Your Day The day that you were born to live The day that you were born to give A little bit more, give a little bit more Chorus 2 Catch the flame, catch the flame, catch the flame All the love that you get give the same Leave behind all the grief You can overcome the pain Chorus 3 Pass the flame, pass the flame, pass the flame All the love that you get give the same Leave behind all the grief You can overcome the pain And free the flame Free the flame Be the flame (Yocha noh gweh yocha, yocha noh gweh yocha) Be the flame (Yocha noh gweh yocha, yocha yocha) Free the flame Note the video visuals were created by London 2012 and duplicated here to promote the games and the 2012 relay more info


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♫ ♪Tribute To Dick Clark (1929 - 2012). American Bandstand.♫ ♪

Tribute video in memory of Mr Clark. Hope you all enjoy the video of American Bandstand. Rip Mr Clark. Thanks for all the memories. Video by wayne.


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Whitney Houston with her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown performing "My Love Is Your Love"

Whitney Houston, who reigned as pop music's queen with her majestic voice and regal image has died. An American singer, actress, producer, and model. Houston is the most awarded female act of all time, according to Guinness World Records, and her list of awards include 2 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards, among a total of 415 career awards as of 2010. Houston was also one of the world's best-selling music artists, having sold over 170 million albums and singles worldwide. WENSHOW™ presents "WENSHOW on YouTube" Featuring': Whitney Houston with over 170 million combined album, singles and videos sold worldwide during her career with Arista Records, Whitney Houston has established a benchmark for superstardom that will quite simply never be eclipsed in the modern era. She is a singer's singer who has influenced countless other vocalists female and male. WENSHOW © Willemstad, Curaçao Follow on youtube, facebook, twitter, blogger, wordpress


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