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Amazing Krabi, Thailand - What to DO? Hidden Buddhist Temple #1

Many people coming to Krabi, Thailand don't know things there are to do. Sure there are the normal tourist attractions - but here is one thing to do you won't see on any tourist trip. This is a rather well hidden Buddhist temple that didn't even have a sign for it over the first 3 years I was here. Now they've got an updated sign and it's more likely you'll find it so I did a video of the experience. The temple is located near Wat Tum Sua - Tiger Cave Temple (, and Wat Tum Sang Pedt (Diamond Cave Temple) off the road leading to Huay Toh waterfall just outside Krabi town. I'll have full directions at The name of this temple is: Wat Thep Rattan. The full name is Wat Promthep Rattanporn. There used to be just 2 elderly monks at this temple - with a skeleton hanging from their porch. Now there are some younger monks as well and some construction taking place to add a pavilion and some Buddha statues. There is a large wide-open cave to the right as you pull your vehicle in. It's up about 30 steps. It's really amazing to look at, though there is no real cave to explore up there. Go get photos. Across the grounds are the other caves - and I walk you through them with the monk leading my way. They now have lights in the caves so you may not need a flashlight. Of course if none of the monks come to see you and take you through - you WILL need a flashlight, so best to bring one. The mosquitoes are everywhere here. Bring lotion.

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