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Apuseni Mountains are an amazing part of wild Carpathian Mountains from Transylvania,Romania,Europe. Here you can see wild landscapes with virgin forests,canyons, pure rivers, waterfalls and over 4000 caves. Here you can visit Apuseni Natural Park. A lot of nature wonders can be visited in the mountain wilderness : - Garda Seaca Valley ; - Izbuc Tauz ; - Coiba Mare Cave ; - Cetatile Ponorului Cave ; - Padis Karstic Plateau ; - Glacier from Scarisoara Cave ; - Varciorog Waterfall ; - Cetatile Radesei Cave ; - Sighistel Canyon ; - Galbenei Canyon ; - Warm Somes Canyon. And many other beauties of the nature in this area called Land of Stone and inhabited by Motzi peoples, successors of the ancient dacians and living today in a traditional lifestyle. Video by Full HD 1080 SONY VideoCamera I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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