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Dumb criminal alert! In order to pursue an illustrious career as a convenience-store stickup man, it's always good to master the ability to read. This dim-witted robber walks into the convenience store, grabs $60 in cash and attempts to make his getaway. He first tries to leave through a door that he first walked through but pushes instead of pulls. He then tries to leave through the second door, which is actually locked. Panic starts to set in and he heads to the back of the store to search for another exit. Starting to feel a little claustrophobic, you can hear the man making a mess of the place, diving over the counter and again trying to bust his way out the locked door. Eventually, the dense thief busts a window and dives to freedom. Too bad he didn't read the sign on the locked door that said "Use Other Door".
Added on May 12, 2012 by TeamTRN
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